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Sheshoumara San Wolf Den

Aru..Ru? I'm Bored

16 August
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Hey everyone I'm Eevee I love anime,I'm a big anime freak I been to 3 anime conventions although I never cosplayed I would love to someday.I just turned 20 and feel old..xD but I got mostly money and a puppy for my b-day gift I'm very happy with that.I have a good life I feel very blessed I have good friends and family,My interest are drawing,runescape,pokemon,digimon, and chatting on chatango it a coolio site you can add me on there just pm me for my username.I used to draw alot ,and make mini comics too while I was in school but I stopped drawing and I just buy art now,I have lots of favorite anime but my current anime addiction is Vampire Knight/Bleach/Naruto Shipp. I like anime/manga with a lil romance and action so yeh.I live in a small town in south texas I wont give it out dont want stalkers lol but yeh it slowly getting big.I have a few RL friends on gaia that are family members which I think is cool.I'm a very nice person i'm diffrent online and offline,Online wise I'm not shy i say what I need to say and can careless what people think about me, it 's me dont like me oh well thats why they invented ignore button,I like commenting people and making new friends.Real life wise I'm super shy..like Hinata especially around guys that I think are ''kawaii'' I hide behind my friends or the walls,but once I get to know you I be more open,I like texting and talking on my celly.Let me think please dont mess with my friends or I kick your ass.I like to play my Ds and save the world it rocks,I'm currently ''Single''Wah to much drama in relationships I may stay out of it unless I meet that one dream guy,but if you must know I like guys that are Shy,Honest,Loyal,Mysterious,Quiet but random and fun lol,I'm hispanic and proud of that I have just recently started collecting Eevee related items as in figures,plush, etc. If you have any unwanted eevee items I be glad to buy them n.n ,feel free to add my DA or any Im's I have,I dont get on Runescapee much since it a bit boring but if you wanna hangout we can always set up something.I have two cute pups there both chihuahua ones name is Misa Misa and other Wizard,there my lil hairy kids I spoil Misa the most!and yes I got her name form DeathNote Lol,well anyways I hope to make friends on here
^-^ and get along with everyone this is Eevee Kins !

Nicknames: Eevee,Sheshoumara,Ulra,Kins,Sheshy.

[Misa Misa]
This is my cute lil puppy she turned 1year old this month!aww I feel like a Mom lol,
she is full blooded chihuahua my mom got her for me as a B-DAY gift when i turned 20.